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The SERI Sales Department maintains a catalog of products selected and/or manufactured to meet the specific analytical needs of your forensic laboratory. Customer service at SERI will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Our product inventory focuses primarily on materials used in the identification and typing of biological evidence.

Top Sellers


Description – Sensitive and reliable confirmatory test for differentiation between peripheral and menstrual blood. High sensitivity to human hemoglobin. PMB is currently the only rapid test on the market for detection of menstrual blood. Provided as a box of 30 cards plus buffer solution.
R531 MSDS Order Form Price: $160 per Box


Description – SERATEC Amylase Paper now offers laboratory analysts another option for a presumptive test for amylase detection on any surface. Reaction time in as little as 10 minutes. The only substance to come in contact with the evidence is distilled water. Provided in boxes of 25 sheets with or without a 1% iodine solution.
R613 & R614 MSDS Order Form Price: $175 per Box, $185 with iodine.


Description – Hemdirect cassette test for human blood. Quick, clean, reliable. Monoclonal antibody based cassette test. Provided as 30 tests per box. Ferret is the only known nonhuman blood to react with the product. For lab or scene use.
R530 MSDS Order Form Price $130.00


Description – Seratec's PSA SemiQuant cassette test for human semen. Quick, sensitive, reliable. Monoclonal antibody based, cassette test for lab or crime scene. Provided as a box of 40 tests with use instructions.
R564 MSDS Order Form Price $140.00

To place an order, please click on the Products & Supplies Order Form link above and complete the order form following the instructions. You can either print out the order form and fax it to us at (510) 222-8887 or you can save the PDF and email it as an attachment to Alternatively, you're welcome to contact our Sales Department by telephone at (510) 223-7374. In-house stock will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order.

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