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Forensic DNA Testing | Private Case Work

Serological Research Institute provides our world class services to the private sector as well. We apply the same exacting standards and careful analysis to civil issues and private requests*.

Prepayment for services and a completed Case Submission Form is required for all private case work. SERI accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

While SERI does not perform drug testing (known as toxicology), we can identify whether the sample tested by the criminal agency's laboratory was indeed your sample. By comparing the urine or blood sample to a known sample from you, SERI can keep you from becoming the victim of laboratory switch-ups.

$1500 Complete Testing
Includes a written Analytical Report.

SERI's analysts are highly trained to locate and identify body fluids on any kind of object, from clothing to carpeting. Whether the question is about the presence of semen on a pair of pants or urine on carpet, SERI can provide you with the answers that you need. SERI can even determine the species the stain came from.

$500 Each Small item (underwear, cutting, etc.)
$750 Each Large item
$250 Species identification (per sample, after screening)

SERI's high quality, careful analysis can provide absolute exclusion or paternity confidence in the 99.999% range. In addition, we can test to determine kinship with grandparents, siblings, half-siblings, and even cousins. SERI follows the strictest protocols when performing all casework, a necessary requirement for any civil litigation or admittance into court.

$500 Each Standard Reference (Cheek Swab or Blood)
$1000 Each Non-Standard Reference
Includes a written Analytical Report.

SERI offers our private clients the same powerful DNA services available to Law Enforcement. Our analysts can extract and type the DNA found in blood, semen stains, saliva, hairs and even the skin cells left by handling an item (touch DNA). SERI can test all types of objects as well, including envelopes or stamps, hairbrushes or toothbrushes, beverage containers and even food samples.

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*Case acceptance subject to laboratory load and availability. We reserve the right to decline any case.